ACT Cardiovascular Health Research Symposium

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ACT Cardiovascular Health Research Symposium

The Heart Foundation, ACT Division hosted the third annual Cardiovascular Health Research Symposium on Friday 5th May 2017.  The event showcased local research on a range of topics pertaining to cardiovascular health. Researchers, policy makers, clinicians, and health professionals attended and contributed to the day’s discussion about the impact of research on cardiovascular disease, future research opportunities and translating research into practice.

The event featured:

Welcoming address from Meegan Fitzharris MLA – ACT's Minister for Transport and City Services, Minister for Higher Education, Training and Research and Minister for Health.

Keynote speaker Professor Emily Banks – National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, ANU presented ‘Cardiovascular disease can be prevented: risk factors and the absolute risk approach’

Sixteen population health and clinical presentations covering various areas of cardiovascular health research including:

  • Population Health
    • Predictive modelling framework for chronic disease management
    • The built environment impact on active living, walkability and cardiovascular disease
    • Physical activity behaviours of people living in the ACT
    • A new approach to inform policy using local geographical variations
    • ACT walkability and hospital treatment costs
    • Active Living Principles and statutory planning in the ACT
  • Clinical
    • Analysis of a modern chest pain unit
    • Digital technology opportunities in general practice
    • Outcomes of cardiac rehabilitation
    • Physical activity benefits in patients with chronic disease
    • Mental health and cardiovascular disease
    • Absolute CVD risk assessment in Aboriginal Health Services 

Refer to the full program and abstracts below for further detail on presentations.

An expert panel discussion focussed on identifying ways for researchers and policy makers to work together, learn from each other and identify ways to close the gap and build on the strengths of the two arms of research and implementation. Panel members included:

  • Dr Paul Kelly – ACT Health
  • Professor Emily Banks – The Australian National University
  • Dr Paresh Dawda – General Practitioner
  • Professor Kirsty Douglas – The Australian National University

Downloadable resources (PDF):