Our research program

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The Heart Foundation is the national leader in research into the causes, treatment and prevention of heart disease and related disorders. 

We believe evidence-based prevention and treatment is the most effective way to help all Australians have better heart health. 

Our research funding portfolio is designed to support and develop excellent heart research in Australia. Each year we fund the best and brightest researchers, exploring a wide range of issues relating to heart disease in the areas of biomedical, clinical, public health and health services. We provide opportunities for individual researchers and for projects.

A key part of managing this portfolio is identifying gaps in the evidence and determining how we can best support researchers and build the research capacity to address these gaps. We also regularly review our funding scheme to ensure it caters to the needs and opportunities of Australian heart research.

Since 1959, we’ve invested more than $520 million (in today’s dollars) towards heart research, leading to important breakthroughs that have helped reduce the number of deaths from heart disease.