Research Partnership Projects

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Every year the Heart Foundation looks at ways it can partner with researchers to engage in high impact research that will make a difference to the Australian community.

Previously the Heart Foundation’s funding portfolio has included the Partnership Engagement Grant, however from 2020 this program will no longer exist. In its place will be a continuous grant process, allowing researchers to submit a partnership request at any time.

Eligible partnerships

  • Applicants applying for a major partnership scheme e.g. NHMRC, ARC or a privately funded scheme
  • Applicants requesting Heart Foundation to be named as a partner for any scheme e.g. MRFF

Partnership requests could include a request for financial contribution, an in-kind contribution, or a combination of both.

Major funding bodies

  • NHMRC Partnership Projects provide three funding round per year in February, August and December.
  • ARC Linkage Projects have a continuous submission process.

How to apply

Submission will be accepted at any time throughout the year.

  • To request a partnership, please email the Research Program and include:
  • A list of all investigators on project
  • The institute that will be administering the award if successful
  • The third-party scheme you are applying to
  • A detailed project synopsis
  • The support which you are requesting from the Heart Foundation e.g. in-kind requests
  • Any contact you currently have with the Heart Foundation e.g. staff you may be working with on this application
  • What you would require from the Heart Foundation for your submission e.g. Letter of Support
  • Deadline for a response from the Heart Foundation
  • Deadline for any Letter of Support required

Your partnership request will be reviewed for suitability of partnership as well as your project’s quality and feasibility. These reviews will be completed by both our Research and Research Strategy Committees.

Please take into consideration third-party partnership application deadlines for your funding partnerships. We kindly request 6-8 weeks lead time to review your request.