Sharing scars, and more, on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day; some people celebrate, other’s vehemently oppose it. Whatever your opinion, it’s important to remember that the day is about love. All forms of it.

Valentine’s Day exists as a reminder to tell your loved ones how you feel. But, I think this shouldn’t just be about your lover/partner or significant other.

The beauty of love is that it exists in many forms, is shared with many different people, and it will light up different parts of you.

For me, Valentine’s Day knows no bounds; if I love you, I will tell you. This year, my Valentine’s Day treat is a date to a musical, with an intimate dinner beforehand.

I won’t be going with a lover or partner, though. I will be going with my sister-in-law, a woman who I love more than words can say. She is carrying my unborn niece, she truly loves with no bounds, and she also shares an 18-centimetre scar down her chest.

Sharing love with my heart sister

Lucy was my heart sister before she became my real sister. Our blogs about our open-heart surgeries connected us, even though we lived tens of thousands of kilometres apart. When you have such an experience, and you are given the rare opportunity to meet someone who understands, you relish in that opportunity to be raw and open with someone who ‘gets’ you.

Lucy and I met in person about six years ago, and our friendship flourished. I introduced her to my brother, and, from that moment, our lives quite simply intersected and forged a new, joint pathway.

We now live two blocks from one another, we practice yoga together, cook dinners for each other, travel together (last year I “third-wheeled” on their European holiday). We explore brunch and coffee spots together, shop for lululemon together.

We support and back each other with the same love and honesty of best friends and sisters. 

We are both very aware that opportunities like this are rare, our story is every bit amazing and romantic as it is unique; and as stories do, it’s moved and grown and added new people. In about three months, we’ll add another to our story. When that happens, our fractured and full hearts will explode once more with a love that maybe isn’t what one would typically honour on Valentine’s Day, but we’ll do it anyway because love, regardless of the type, should always be celebrated.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Remember to tell those you love how you feel.

Alicia is part of our Supporting Young Hearts program that supports younger people, aged 18 to 40 years, who are living with a heart condition or recovering from heart surgery. If you would like to connect with others and share your heart story, join our Facebook group.