9 winter recipes that’ll keep you warm in 2019

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These recipes prove that comfort food doesn't have to be bad for you.

Do you find that around late July your winter go-to meals are getting a little repetitive? 

No matter what part of winter we’re in, we still yearn for something delicious and hearty that will warm us up. Oftentimes, that means fatty, creamy and rich dishes that might taste good, but are not good for you.

So here are nine winter dishes that will warm the cockles of your heart without clogging your arteries.

Baked eggs with grainy toast

Here’s a dish that you can eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. That combination of tomatoes, kidney beans, capsicum, coriander and cumin is enough to start you salivating. Start reading and start cooking.

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Minestrone and quinoa soup

This is classic Italian soup that never ever gets old. Some people cook pasta with this dish but try quinoa for something different.

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Spiced fish with chickpea mash and greens

If mashed potato features heavily in your winter recipe repertoire, then you’ll love this twist. This chickpea mash is hearty and healthy and goes beautifully with tasty fish.

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Grandma’s slow-cooked beef stew 

If you’re a fan of the classics, give this version a try. It’s a heart-healthy dish that will take you back in time.  

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Moroccan chickpea tagine

Enjoy this delicious North African dish that will help keep you warm this winter. Combining sumac and cinnamon with chilli, cumin and coriander gives this dish the hint of sweetness that Moroccan food is famous for.

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Indian chicken and lentil tray bake

Dig into this delectable Indian dish. With both chicken and lentils, it’s packed full of protein and tasty goodness.

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Baked sweet potato with spiced cannellini beans

When you think of winter meals, a steaming baked potato fresh from the oven is a dish that gets your tummy rumbling. Our vegetarian and vegan-friendly version is filled with a delicious bean stew. You’ll want to make this one again and again.

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Warm roasted and cauliflower salad

Just because it’s winter, don’t think that salads are off the menu. This dish combines the freshness of salad with a warm-roasted cauliflower bake that gives you the heartiness you crave in winter.

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Oat based fruit crumble

Winter isn’t complete without a good crumble. And this version goes to show that a good dessert can be good for your heart. Get ready to tuck in.

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