In the fight against heart disease, every step matters

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The time to take a step towards completing your first, or next, marathon is now! “Whoa! Wait!” you cry. If you haven’t run a marathon before, you’re probably thinking: I’m not fit enough to finish a marathon! That’s where the Heart Foundation’s annual MyMarathon event comes in.

What’s MyMarathon? 

MyMarathon is the Heart Foundation’s unique fundraising event that empowers you to conquer a marathon at your own pace, in any place.

How does it work?

MyMarathon runs through the whole of October, which means you have 31 days to complete a 42.2 -kilometre marathon. You can run, walk or wheel the total distance in:

  • four hours
  • four days
  • four weeks

It’s up to you.

Once you sign up to MyMarathon, you will join thousands of Australians who are going the distance to raise funds to fight Australia’s biggest killer, heart disease. 

MyMarathon is one of the Heart Foundation’s most significant fundraising events for the year. How big? Last year was only the second time the Heart Foundation ran MyMarathon, and the number of people participating increased by more than 55%. Amazingly, the amount of money raised also increased, in only one year, by 59%

With you on board, we can go even further in 2019.

In 2019 every step matters.

Did you know that 60% of the Heart Foundation’s funding comes from generous people in the community, people just like you?

These donations enable the Heart Foundation to fund vital heart health research, as well as much-needed patient support programs and resources for people living with heart disease. Donations enable us to provide services and support like:

  • the Heart Foundation Helpline (call 13 11 12 to speak with a Heart Foundation nurse and to access information and support across heart health, nutrition and living a heart-healthy lifestyle)
  • information for people newly diagnosed with heart conditions or recovering from heart events, like a heart attack
  • heart and health assessment tools, including the Heart Age Calculator and the BMI Calculator
  • public advocacy campaigns that deliver positive heart health outcomes, such as the introduction of Medicare-funded Heart Health Checks.

How you can get started.

It’s easy to sign up for MyMarathon; visit the website and follow the steps to register, then you’re off and running.

You have a distance target; you are aiming to go 42.2 kilometres in four weeks. But what about your fundraising goal?

Set yourself a realistic fundraising target, one you can achieve with the help of your supporters like your family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues and other people in your community.

Setting a fundraising target will also help to keep you motivated over the entire month of MyMarathon.

When you sign up to MyMarathon, you will get your fundraising page; remember to share the link to this page with friends, family and the world! Share your MyMarathon page on:

  • social media
  • email
  • SMS

Take the first step by donating to your page; this shows your commitment to your fundraising challenge and motivates your family and friends to support your campaign.

Connect to track your efforts.

Your MyMarathon fundraising page displays your progress through the month, including how far you have travelled and how close you are to your target of 42.2 kilometres.

But how do you get your page to display this information?

It’s easy! MyMarathon tracking works with three of the most popular fitness tracking apps:

  • Fitbit
  • MapMyFitness
  • Strava

Discover how to track your efforts in your favourite app.

You can also log on to your MyMarathon fundraising page and enter your activity manually.

As you get closer to your target, share your progress with your network; this will encourage people to donate and support your challenge.[JM11] 

This October, it all counts!

Tackling heart disease is a major health challenge; it’s Australia’s biggest killer. When you sign up to complete MyMarathon, you’re making huge strides towards achieving an Australia free of heart disease. 

Every day, 51 people lose their lives to heart disease. We have a long way to go to stop this killer.

You only need to go 42.2 kilometres.

Can we count on you?