Five delicious holiday snacks that are great for your heart

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Tuna & avocado rice paper rolls
The Summer holidays are here! Festive songs are playing, city streets feature Christmas decorations, and children are hoping someone special has noticed their good behaviour through the year. This is a time to enjoy celebrations, getting together with family and friends and gift giving.

Eating delicious foods is another highlight of the holidays, especially when we get together with people we love and share a meal. But the reality is that at this time of year, we often eat foods we otherwise wouldn’t and, sometimes, we can overindulge.

Holiday foods should be delicious; looking after your heart health shouldn’t mean missing out on amazing flavours.

If you’re searching for guilt-free recipes, your hunt is over. Here are five delicious holiday meals that will get your taste buds singing! 

Crunchy nachos

Mmmm, nachos. Here is a healthy version, perfect for sharing while laughing over old home movies, catching up on your Netflix list or watching Christmas favourites like Miracle on 34th Street, Love Actually or Die Hard.

Tuna and avocado rice paper rolls

A fragrant, colourful meal full of crunchy veggies, this is a delicious, refreshing snack for a scorching Summer day.

Warm roasted pumpkin dip

Perfect for entertaining, this recipe is quick to prepare and great for dipping. Serve with chopped carrot or celery or toast some wholemeal pita. Just remember the golden rule: don’t double dip the pita chip!

Citrus turkey breast

It’s just not Christmas without a roast turkey! Packed with zesty citrus flavours for Summer, you will be gobbling up this roast in a flash.

Berry and yoghurt pavlova

Everyone loves a pav at Christmas! (Even if we nicked this dessert from across the Tasman). This sweet treat boasts delicious summer berry colours and flavours; it’s a quintessential Aussie way to wrap up a holiday meal.

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