Famous Aussies’ favourite 30-minute physical activities

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This Heart Week, we asked some well-known Aussies about their favourite 30-minute physical activity.

At least 30 minutes of physical activity each day can reduce your risk of heart disease by 35 per cent, help manage depression and anxiety, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and some cancers and lower the risk of dementia later in life.

So ‘Don’t Get the Sits’ – get inspired!

Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP, Prime Minister

“An active body helps ensure an active mind, so exercise is important to me. I regularly swim and kayak but take particular pleasure in walking with Lucy. We all lead busy lives, but that should not prevent us finding 30 minutes in our day to go for a walk. Lucy and I value our walking time together so much that even when we travel for work we always try to make certain we plan some time to walk together. The benefits to your heart, health, emotional well-being and the added bonus of spending some time together were all part of the reasons I launched the Prime Minister’s walking challenge in March. I encourage everyone to give it a go and feel the immediate benefits of walking for at least 30 minutes each day."

Libby Babet, Heart Week Ambassador, Trainer and Fitness Expert

“Everyone knows I love a good circuit or interval session in the gym or park, but what really makes me happiest is a hike in nature with my husband, just walking among the trees, on a remote beach, or in the mountains under a big blue sky!”

Kelly Landry, Heart Foundation Ambassador and media personality

“I absolutely love yoga. I find it fabulous for complete health. It’s great for conditioning, strengthening and stretching muscles. I practice vinyasa yoga, which is great for cardio too. It’s great for the mind too, with meditation. It also encourages healthy eating practises.”

Chloe Hosking, Heart Foundation Ambassador and Female Sprint Racing Rider

“As a cyclist it might be a surprise that my favourite 30-minute workout is yoga. I love an early morning yoga session.”

Mackane Reid, Heart Foundation WA Ambassador and Bachelor in Paradise

“Stand up paddle boarding – I am a water man. It’s a full body workout, it’s cardio and it’s meditation. The ocean is my sanctuary. I relied on it to help clear my head while on Bachelor in Paradise”.

To find out ways to get moving visit our tips on achieving at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day or call the Heart Foundation Helpline on 13 11 12.