3x10 minute physical activity ideas

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Trevor Shilton,

Heart Foundation National Spokesperson on Physical Activity

At least 30 minutes of physical activity each day can reduce your risk of heart disease by 35 per cent, help manage depression and anxiety, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and some cancers and lower the risk of dementia later in life. Evidence also shows that even three 10-minute blocks during the day will help you reach your physical activity targets for good health.

The number one barrier to being physical active is lack of time, so we have developed a list of 10-minute physical activity ideas to help you achieve at least 30 minutes of activity each day. So, think “3x10!”.

3x10 minute ideas

  • Try public transport: A third of public transport users achieve the 30 minutes of physical activity they need for good health, without even thinking about it.
  • Get off public transport one stop earlier: If you’re currently using public transport but not meeting your daily goal, you could consider extending your trip or hopping off public transport one or two stops ahead of your destination, to easily add in 10 minutes of physical activity to your day.
  • Make Saturday sport more active: Try getting active on the sidelines or walking the field rather than sitting while you’re cheering your kids on. Even standing rather than sitting on the sidelines will be of benefit.
  • Take the stairs: Often our default is to take the lift or escalator, however walking the stairs is an easy way to build movement into your day.
  • Try a living room workout: Find a 10-minute workout routine online that you can watch and replicate at home to help you get physical.
  • Embrace active chores: Regular housework such as vacuuming or dusting for 10 minutes can help you meet your daily physical activity goals.
  • Let your green thumb lead the way: Gardening and activities such as mowing the lawn and raking the leaves are a great way to get moving.
  • Walk to take lunch: Break away from the desk and take your lunch to the park or walk to your favourite café.
  • Call a ‘walking meeting’: Conduct a meeting while walking, it can clear the head and help generate fresh ideas.

Want to find out more? Visit our Heart Week page for more information on why keeping active is good for your heart and overall health or contact the Heart Foundation Helpline on 13 11 12.