Why Jump Rope

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It's good for kids in many ways: Dr Nick Riley explains the link between physical activity and academic performance in students. (1:50)

Top six benefits to skip for schools

  1. Jump Rope for Heart fits into the National PE Curriculum and encourages a whole-of-school approach to promote physical activity, healthy eating, living a smoke-free life and hands-on opportunity for children to experience doing something for the greater good.
  2. We provide all of the materials you need to make your Jump Rope for Heart event a success.
  3. You can hold Jump Rope for Heart at any time of year and decide how long you want to run it, the program is completely flexible.
  4. Skipping during breaks and including skipping into PE lessons can contribute to your students achieving the recommended 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day.
  5. Jump Rope for Heart is a physical activity program that involves minimal expense for parents and schools – no sports uniforms, limited equipment required, no travel time or travel costs to sporting venues, no outside coaching staff necessary.
  6. There is very minimal set up/pack up time associated with Jump Rope for Heart sessions – giving kids the chance to be more active, for longer.

Top six benefits to skip for students

  1. Students are physically active and learn new skipping skills.
  2. Students learn healthy heart habits.
  3. Students learn the value of community service, by fundraising for an important cause — research into heart disease.
  4. Jump Rope for Heart is an activity that kids like to do, with the potential to draw them from sedentary pursuits.
  5. Jump Rope for Heart by its very nature focuses on, and develops, kids' locomotive skills.
  6. Jump Rope for Heart is very accessible. Any child, regardless of fitness level or technical skills, can be invloved. 

Did you know? Jump Rope helps students work towards meeting the Australian Government’s recommended physical activity benchmarks.

Why Jump Rope
Goodbye sitting, hello skipping: Participating is free, easy and kids can't get enough.