Thank you prizes

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We've got the coolest prizes to thank you for your awesome fundraising efforts!

Raise $250 or more and receive an awesome Think Quick Reaction Ball!

Click on the prizes below to find out more! 

  • $60 - Hand ball

    Our Jump Rope for Heart rubber Handball is ideal for all types of schoolyard games including handball as well as all sorts of hitting and catching games. 

    Ozi Rang

  • $100 - Squeezy Popper Animal (Lucky Dip)

    The Squeezy Popper is one of Jump Rope for Hearts most loved prizes! 

    Pop a ball in the their mouth... give them a powerful belly-squeeze... and KAPOW!... the soft foam ball shoots up to 6 metres!

    Safe for both indoor and outdoor play, each pack comes complete with 6 balls.

  • $250 - Sonic Skywinder Throwing Rocket

    For the ultimate throwing rocket you can't go past the all new sonic skywinder! With it's sleek aerodynamic design combined with it's totally unique rocket sound you can launch faster, longer, more accurate spirals that sound amazing! So you can continue playing after dark, the sonic skywinder is fitted with an LED light! Soft and safe for easy catches!

  • $250 - Bonus Prize - Think Quick Reaction Ball

    Raise $250 or more and the Think Quick Reaction Ball is yours!

    This Foam Reaction Ball is great for improving foot speed and hand eye coordination! The ball is the largest reaction ball in the Hart Sport range which makes it a fun reaction ball for all ages, while still providing all the challenges that irregular bounce provides.

  • $500 - Double Up Prize - Rubik's Cube & Phlat Ball!

    Raise $500 or more and you're in for a treat with this Double Up Prize!

    The Rubik’s Cube is the classic colour-matching puzzle that’s a great mental challenge at home or on the move. Turn and twist the sides of the cube so that each of the six faces only has one colour. A must for puzzle lovers, the aim is to twist and turn the Rubik’s Cube to return it to its original state, with every side having one solid colour.

    Throw a disc, catch a ball! The Phlat Ball V3 is a fun toy that transforms from a 9'' flying disc into a 6'' ball when caught. Its soft flexible plastic construction provides a comfortable grip for active play.

  • $1000 - Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker

    Raise $1000 and receive the Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker.

    Relax to your favourite music knowing this water resistant speaker won't be affected by playful poolside splashes. Rubber coating protects from low water jets in any direction. Wirelessly stream music from any Bluetooth enabled device, or plug in with the audio jack. 

  • $2500 - Inflatable Bubble Balls + 1 prize from every level below

    Raise $2500 and receive Inflatable Bubble Balls, plus one prize from every other level.

    Let the inflatable fun begin and take your outdoor activities to the next level with the Bubble Balls.  Endless safe battling within the safety of a bubble.  Learn the skills of running, bumping and bouncing. 

  • $5000 - Neo Mountain Bike OR Red Balloon Gift Voucher + 1 prize from every level below

    Raise $5000 and receive a Neo Mountain Bike OR a Red Balloon Gift Voucher, plus one prize from every other level.

    The Neo Mountain Bike is great for kids wanting to have fun riding with parents and friends, on a great looking bike. The Neo Mountain Bike is a high quality youth bike easy to ride, suitable for beginners through to the more advanced riders.

    If you opt for a RedBalloon gift voucher worth $500 you will be spoilt for choice on what you can redeem it on. From scenic flights and V8 racing, to a day out at a water park, there are endless unforgettable experiences on offer perfect for everyone.

Terms and Conditions

Students will receive only the prize indicated for the fundraising level achieved. Prizes may vary to that shown, including colours, designs and models. The Heart Foundation reserves the right to substitute a prize with a similar product should the prize initially offered no longer be available. Students who raise $250 or more will be entitled to receive the $250 bonus prize as well as the respective prize for the total amount they have raised. Students who raise $5000 can choose either the Neo Mountain Bike or the Red Balloon gift voucher to the value of $500. Prizes will be sent out from the commencement of Term 2, 2020. Terms and Conditions for participation (in addition to the above): 1. Prizes cannot be redeemed for their cash value. 2. Prizes will normally be delivered to the participant's school for distribution. 3. The Heart Foundation relies on information provided by each participant and cannot be held responsible for any information provided incorrectly in relation to funds raised by a participant. 4. Participants collecting cash donations must return the full amount rasied, as detailed on the sponsorship form available at 5. Heart Foundation Jump Rope for Heart concludes at the end of 2020 school year. Funds and paperwork for participants collecting cash donations are required to be returned to the Heart Foundation by 16 February 2021. Heart Foundation cannot guarantee prizes will be provided to schools if funds and paperwork are received after this date.