Frequently asked questions



    What is Jump Rope for Heart? 

    Established in 1983, Jump Rope for Heart is our skipping and fundraising program run in schools throughout the year. It encourages kids to have a positive attitude towards exercise, healthy eating and heart health while raising vital funds to fight heart disease.

    When is Jump Rope for Heart?

    The program runs all year round. Each school’s teacher typically chooses a term and runs it for 4-6 weeks.

    What is a Jump Off day? 

    Jump Off Day is the last day of your school’s program and a chance for students to show off their new skipping skills. It’s different for every school so your Jump Rope teacher will be able to give you the specific details.


    When should my child be fundraising?

    As soon as the school starts the program and you’ve created an online page! It varies at each school, but normally the Jump Off Day marks the end of the fundraising period.

    How do I fundraise online?

    That’s easy! First, you need to set up a fundraising page for your child here. Then you can share your fundraising page with family and friends to reach your fundraising goal. You can also find instructions on how to sign up online on your child’s sponsorship form.

    Is it secure to fundraise online?

    Yes, all fundraising is done through Everydayhero and your fundraising page is a safe and secure environment to collect donations. Plus, all online donors receive an electronic tax receipt instantly – for any donation over $2.

    Can I collect cash donations?

    Check with your school’s Jump Rope teacher and they’ll be able to provide assistance. We recommend fundraising online as it’s so easy!

    Why should I fundraise online?

    Online fundraising is the most effective way to make an impact and reach a lot of potential donors. Using your online fundraising page avoids paperwork, saves time, and students who fundraise online typically raise three times more than those who collect cash donations. Students are also eligible to receive bonus prizes if they fundraise online.

    Where do the funds raised go?

    Your fundraising helps the Heart Foundation fund world class research and support programs for people affected by heart disease. You can find out more about this here.


    How do I collect sponsorship money?

    Share the link to your online fundraising page via e-mail and through social media channels with family and friends, work colleagues and close neighbours.

    What is Everydayhero?

    Everydayhero is an online fundraising platform which we use to collect donations. Your fundraising page will be set up automatically when you sign up for Jump Rope for Heart.

    How do I get help with my Everydayhero fundraising page?

    If you need help using your fundraising page simply send an email to

    Alternatively you can visit the Everydayhero Help Centre which has step by step instructions on various account related queries.

    I created two fundraising pages by mistake, how do I delete one?

    We can remove the duplicate account for you, send an email to with your child’s details and we’ll get this fixed asap.

    I’m getting the error message, ‘An Everydayhero account was found matching the supplied email address.’ How do I fix this?

    You need to sign in with your email address and password for this account. If you can’t remember your password, you can click the ‘reset your password’ button. If you are still having problems, please contact for help with your account.


    Why should I log skips?

    Logging skips on your online fundraising page is a great way to track your child’s achievements and to share their efforts with page visitors and donors. 

    How do I log skips?

    Log in to your child’s online fundraising page or register here if you are yet to do so. 

    Once logged in you will see a red rectangle at the top of the page that has your name, photo & school information listed. In that rectangle, you will see the skipping heart on top of the white box that says 'log skips'. Click on 'Log Skips', you can then enter in how long you skipped.

    You can add skips in seconds, minutes or hours. Once you enter your skips click 'log skips' & your skips will then be added to your page!


    Does my child receive anything for taking part?

    Depending on the amount of money raised, students receive a certificate and/or prize. All children receive a certificate of appreciation and if they raise $35 or more, they’re eligible to receive a thank you prize. You can read more about our prizes here.

    When will my child receive their prize?

    Prizes are distributed once the Jump Rope teacher has completed the program and returned any offline funds to the Heart Foundation. The prizes can take 2-5 weeks to arrive at the school. If you are concerned, please check with the Jump Rope teacher at your school.



    How do I register my school?

    Click here and follow the steps.

    When should I run the program?

    Jump Rope for Heart is flexible to your timetable. Simply choose which term is best for your school and how long you’d like to run the program (typically between 4-8 weeks). On the last day, most schools hold a Jump Off Day for the kids to showcase their skipping and finalise their fundraising.

    What resources will I receive?

    We supply you with a fundraising kit including skipping ropes, sponsorship forms, prize posters and skipping skill cards; a teacher’s resources page; and awesome incentive prizes for students who fundraise online.

    Who will be my point of contact for any questions during the program?

    We have a team of five field officers ready to coach your school to skipping and fundraising success! Meet the team here. Each field officer is a seasoned skipper and fundraising coach, here to provide hands on support throughout your program.


    What resources do you provide?

    Our teachers resource page is the place to be! Here you will find:

    - Comprehensive Teacher's Manual aligned to the curriculum
    - Program timeline including tips for launching your program and organising Jump Off Day
    - How to get the most out of fundraising
    - Loads of skipping tricks (including videos)
    - Letters to send home to parents and much more!

    What is a Jump Off Day?

    A Jump off day is the exciting, fun day at the end of your program where kids demonstrate their skipping ability and the school finalises its fundraising.

    You choose the date and what activity will suit your school. Some schools do an hour of skipping at lunch while others make it an afternoon event. Here are some ideas to get you started.

    I’m not a skipper. How can I teach the students new skipping tricks?

    We have a selection of videos on our teacher’s resource page which you can share with your students when launching the program or during PE class.

    How do I get my students online fundraising?

    - Ask parents to visit and click on register to create an online fundraising page.
    - Encourage parents and students to share the link to their online fundraising page via e-mail and through social media channels with friends, family, and work colleagues.
    - Check the teacher’s resources page for useful documents on how to get students fundraising.
    - Set your school a fundraising goal so students and parents are working towards a common goal together.
    - Remind parents about Jump Rope for Heart on a regular basis!  Jump Rope updates in assembly are a great way to share progress of the school and individuals.
    - Keep track of your schools fundraising page.


    You can do everything by logging into your online page here. Navigate to the left hand menu and select 'order prizes' you need to approve the students here and can then your prize order.

    If you need any guidance there is a video which talks you through the steps here

    What do I do with the funds raised?

    Online Funds: We handle these for you. It’s an automated process, so you can sit back and relax knowing everything is being taken care of!

    Cash Donations: Click here to see the different ways to submit your money. 

    When do prizes arrive?

    If you only fundraised online, we’ll be able to organise the prizes to be sent to your school right away. If you also have cash donations, you will need to bank these funds, once the Heart Foundation receives these funds prizes will be sent.

    All prizes should arrive with your school 2-5 weeks after sending, you will receive email notification once they have been dispatched.