An example Jump Rope program

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Curious about what a Jump Off Day is? Check out this video to see how much fun the students at Avondale School had on their Jump Off Day. 

A typical program could run as below. Remember, you can choose how involved you want to be and which activities you wish to hold. If you have any questions click here to send an email. 

Week 1 (pre-program launch)

  • Let parents and guardians know Jump Rope for Heart is coming up by sending out the letter supplied on your Teacher's Resources page. 
  • Use the online resources to engage other school staff to help you implement the program.
  • Choose the date of your Jump Off Day and your school fundraising goal.

Week 2

  • Launch the program by telling kids all about it, hand out the provided sponsorship forms, and of course, start skipping and fundraising!
  • Display the prize posters supplied in the Teacher's Resources kit in prominent places around your school.
  • Show the Fundraising Online video in class or at school assembly.  It’ll get the kids pumped to fundraise online, making fundraising really easy.
  • Consider leaving out skipping ropes at recess and lunchtime to encourage students to practice their skipping skills and get healthy.
  • Each week, nominate a student to update the school at assembly on how the school's fundraising is progressing. Just how close are the kids getting to reaching their target?

Week 3

  • Check out the integrated health unit in our Teacher's Manual.  Work through lessons plans like creating a class pledge or creating nutritious lunch menu to bring healthy initiatives into the classroom.
  • Keep skipping and fundraising! You may like to show the kids some of our skipping videos to keep them motivated.

Week 4

  • Have you seen the Healthy Food Plate lesson in our Teacher's Manual? Use this to get the kids thinking about how they can eat and skip to be healthy.
  • It’s probably time to move onto some more challenging skipping tricks. Have the kids seen our Double Dutch video?
  • Don’t forget the weekly assembly fundraising update.

Week 5

  • Whip out the Skipping Skills cards that came in your resource kit and see what other tricks the kids can master. 

Week 6

  • Send a reminder note home to parents that your school’s Jump Off Day is nearing.
  • Hold your Jump Off Day! This is an opportunity for kids to show off the skipping skills they have learnt. Check your Teacher's Manual or contact your local Field Officer for other fun ideas for the day.

Week 7/8 (post-program completion)

  • Provide your final assembly presentation and announce what your school was able to raise for the Heart Foundation. Don’t forget to say a big "thank you" and let them know where the funds raised are going and how they have positively impacted the lives of many people.
  • Your Field Officer will assist you with everything you need to help finalise your fundraising.
  • Individually thank kids by handing out provided participation certificates and any prizes.