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Established in Australia in 1983, Heart Foundation Jump Rope for Heart is renowned for being Australia’s most popular physical activity and fundraising program in schools.

More than 90 per cent of all Australian schools, involving 8 million children, have participated in this fun and active program.

Each year Jump Rope attracts more than 300,000 students, in more than 1,300 schools, with more than 500,000 sponsors comprising families, friends and members of local school communities.

The program is designed to encourage a positive attitude towards exercise, healthy eating and heart health. With more than 25 per cent of children considered overweight, there is still much to be done and skipping is a great start to developing life-long healthy habits.

How does Jump Rope work?

Participating schools receive a Heart Foundation Jump Rope for Heart resource kit, explaining how to conduct the program over a three to nine week period.

During this time, students collect donations and participate in healthy activities organised at the school.

At the end of the program a special Jump Off Day is held to celebrate and demonstrate the skills learnt and health knowledge gained. Thank you prizes are awarded to participants for their fundraising efforts.

My Jump Rope, my way

Children and parents create an online fundraising page to showcase their Jump Rope achievements and encourage donations from friends, family and others.

We've partnered with online fundraising specialists everydayhero to power your fundraising page and collect your donations.

You can customise your page with photos and a brief write-up. It's easy and a lot of fun. You can share your page, and your friends and family can donate and leave comments.

Looking after our children

Heart, stroke and blood vessel disease is the leading cause of death in Australia, and one of the major risk factors is physical inactivity.

Low levels of physical activity have been shown to be associated with increased risk of blocked arteries, high blood pressure and overweight and obesity among children as young as 12 years of age.

Evidence that physical inactivity in childhood and adolescence may track to young adulthood is of particular concern. Jump Rope for Heart provides a unique opportunity to engage children in physical activity in a noncompetitive way and encourage them to develop lifelong heart healthy habits.

Did you know? Heart Foundation’s Jump Rope for Heart has given schools enough skipping rope to stretch from Australia to Hawaii!

Big hearts for Jump Rope: More than eight million school children have participated in this fun and active program since 1983.