Heart Foundation Tick

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After 26 years as an industry leader, driving healthier food choices and reformulation in Australia, the National Heart Foundation has decided to retire the Tick Program. The Tick Program commenced in 1989 when there was little to guide healthier food choices for shoppers.

It was a bold public health program that involved working with food manufacturers, and was based on a simple, easily recognised logo on food packaging highlighting healthier choices compared to similar foods.

The Tick Program has made a substantial contribution to the health of Australians over the past 26 years. The Tick:

  • guided healthier food choices by shoppers. Up to 2.8 million Australians have looked for the Tick every day when shopping for food; and
  • encouraged food manufacturers to make their products healthier (food reformulation) and innovate healthier products across a wide range of food categories.

The success of Tick in giving people the information they need to make healthier food choices has raised the level of community awareness and debate around food.

This shift has driven food manufacturers to change their products to meet consumer expectations for healthier food.  Now that Nutrient Information Panels are mandatory, and front of pack labelling is firmly established on the food agenda, the Heart Foundation can retire the Tick to focus on its next innovations that will improve the cardiovascular health of all Australians.

You may still see the Tick going into late 2018 as we work with our licensees to have the trademark removed as timely as possible.

Through the Tick Program, the Heart Foundation provided healthier choices for Australians by challenging food companies to improve the foods we eat every day. Over the years, we’ve driven significant change. 

Tick achievements

The Tick helped Australians make healthier food choices for more than 25 years. See what the Tick achieved in that time.