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Heart disease is the single biggest killer of Australians, and 1.4 million of us are living with it right now. Most of us know someone who’s been affected in some way.

The Heart Foundation is a charity close to everyone’s hearts. We rely on donations for over 80% of our income, which goes towards life-saving heart research and programs that support ordinary people.

Partnering with the Heart Foundation is proven to bring positive commercial benefits to a range of industry sectors and showcases to your clients and staff that you are change agent for a healthier Australia.  

Over 1.57 million people use the Heart Foundation to help them lead a healthier lifestyle and in 2015 the Heart Foundation was rated Australia’s 7th most influential brand by the Guardian.  Partnering with the Heart Foundation can deliver you an effective and targeted national distribution channel to an engaged and valued audience.

The Heart Foundation offers our Corporate partners a range of effective, commercially beneficial methods of engagement;

Content provision

Today’s engagement with the consumer is built on trust through the generation and sharing of relevant, accessible and interactive content.  The Heart Foundation produces some of Australia’s most trusted and influential healthy and active living content servicing health professionals and the wider Australian community.

Corporate wellness

In partnership with Remedy Healthcare, The Heart Foundation can deliver you effective workforce health programs that have been shown to improve the health and wellbeing of employees.  Over 6 months, the workforce health activity can;

1.Reduce the risk of your employees developing diabetes by 4-14%
2.Deliver up to a 14% decrease in the intention to leave the organisation due to leading a healthier lifestyle 
3.Shift the number of people who receive a higher than average performance rating by 4%

These initiatives can in the long term save you resources and expenditure on recruitment and replacement and increase productivity and staff morale.


The Heart Foundation’s National foundation programs such as Jump Rope for Heart, The Big Heart Appeal and National Walking Networks empower close to a million Australians to lead a healthier lifestyle.  Sponsoring these programs delivers you an unprecedented, cost-effective and targeted audience


The Heart Foundation is one of Australia’s most trusted health and well-being brands with proven commercial benefits in providing accreditation to aligned industries. 

Corporate fundraising

Corporate Australia plays a vital role in the support of the Heart Foundation, contributing to saving lives and making a difference to the heart health of all Australians.  Talk to the Corporate Partnerships team about engaging your team to fundraise for the Heart Foundation and improving their health and wellbeing.

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