Cardiac Rehabilitation Advocacy

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Patients deserve the best possible support and care after their cardiac event. Guidelines recommend that all patients hospitalised with Acute Coronary Syndromes should attend cardiac rehabilitation or a secondary prevention service.

The Heart Foundation is advocating to improve access and increase attendance at cardiac rehabilitation services across Australia.

What is cardiac rehabilitation?

Cardiac rehabilitation is a coordinated program of long-term care which helps people return to an active and satisfying life after having a heart attack or heart event. By attending rehabilitation, patients can also meet other people going through similar experiences.

Participating in cardiac rehabilitation needs to be a first critical step in a person’s recovery from their heart attack or heart event. However, many people aren’t referred to or don’t complete cardiac rehabilitation.

Find out more about Cardiac Rehab.

Why is Cardiac rehabilitation important?

Cardiac rehab changed my life. It’s the best investment you could make.

Heart attack survivor Cyril talks about how attending cardiac rehabilitation changed his life.   

Cardiac rehab saves lives.

Cardiologist Dr Nicholas Cox explains why cardiac rehabilitation should be available for patients, and how a registry will help to improve cardiac rehabilitation services.

Blog: Why my heart attack patients really need cardiac rehabilitation

Dr Nicholas Cox, Director of Cardiology for Western Health, writes about why heart attack patients should attend cardiac rehabilitation services.

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What we’re doing

Improving Cardiac Rehabilitation Measurement in Australia

On 26 September 2018 the South Australian Academic Health Science and Translation Centre’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Priority Project jointly hosted a national forum in Adelaide, The National Improving Cardiac Rehabilitation Measurement Think Tank. 

Read more about the outcomes of the forum.

Heart Foundation Cardiac Rehabilitation Advocacy Strategy

Find out about key priority areas for action by reading

‘Improving the delivery of cardiac rehabilitation in Australia’.