Workplace wellness

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people doing yoga in their workplace
Being active in the workplace is easier than you think.

Resources for your workplace

Sit less posters

A range of four posters that act as a visual cue to prompt workers to stand or move more frequently in a workplace setting. These posters also provide imagery on ways that people can reduce extended sitting throughout the day. 

Guides to make your workplace healthier

Other resources

  • Workplace Wellness Toolbox An overview of Heart Foundation resources for workplaces implementing their own workplace wellness programs. 
  • BeUpstanding - A free interactive toolkit for getting your workplace to stand up, sit less and move more. Researchers at The University of Queensland designed this online resource to raise awareness and build a supportive culture to create a ‘dynamic’ workplace where sitting less and moving more is the norm. 


‘Sit Less and Move More’ workplace program case studies

During 2016, two workplaces introduced a Sit Less & Move More program into their workplace, with support from the Heart Foundation and the University of Sydney’s Prevention Research Collaboration (PRC). The program involved implementing and evaluating a number of strategies to reduce prolonged sedentary behaviour in workers. The following case studies present the outcome of each of these workplace programs: