Psychosocial health

Webcast: Cardiac blues and depression post heart event

The Heart Foundation hosted a live webcast, which offered health professionals a rare opportunity to learn more about the connection between depression and coronary heart disease.

People often ask if there is a link between 'stress' and coronary heart disease. The term 'stress' has no exact meaning, so it is difficult to measure its effect on coronary heart disease. However, it has recently been shown that people who experience depression, are socially isolated or do not have quality social support are at greater risk of developing coronary heart disease. 

Guidelines and tools

Psychosocial risk factors for coronary heart disease

Depression and coronary heart disease

Physical activity and depression

Practitioner network for heart disease and mental health

The Mental Health Professionals’ Network (MHPN) and the Heart Foundation are working together to establish local collaborative interdisciplinary networks across Australia with a focus on coronary heart disease and mental health. If you’re interested in leading a network based in your local area, please provide your details or find out more information

For more information about mental health and/or depression, we recommend visiting the beyondblue website.