Cardiac rehabilitation

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Cardiac Rehabilitation and Heart Failure Services Directory


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Standardised program content for Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation

The Pathway to Phase II Cardiac Recovery provides a standardised and evidence-based outline of content that should be delivered in phase II cardiac rehabilitation for people with cardiovascular disease.

A Pathway to Phase II Cardiac Recovery (Full Resource)
Module 1: Initial assessment and goal setting
Module 2: Heart education and self-management
Module 3: Medication education and review
Module 4: Managing medical risk factors
Module 5: Exercise training
Module 6: Healthy eating and weight management
Module 7: Tobacco cessation and alcohol reduction
Module 8: Psychosocial health Psychosocial well being
Module 9: Activities of daily living
Module 10: Reassessment and completion
A Quick Guide Checklist of the Pathway to Cardiac Recovery


The Advocacy Toolkit has been developed to support health professionals promote improved cardiac rehabilitation and heart failure services in their local area. The toolkit includes two factsheets outlining the evidence that shows the benefits of cardiac rehabilitation and heart failure services. The Heart Foundation has developed this toolkit with the support of the Statewide Cardiac Clinical Network and the AMA Queensland.

HEART online

The HEART website provides clinician resources for cardiac rehabilitation and heart failure management. You can access evidence-based guidelines, templates, protocols, calculators, patient resources, and videos. Supported by Queensland Health and the Heart Foundation.

Patient Information

Patients can access more information about cardiac rehabilitation and cardiac rehabilitation services below.