Webcast: Improving diagnosis and care for atrial fibrillation patients

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Australian-first guidelines to assist Australian clinicians in the diagnosis and management of adult patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) were recently launched at the 66th annual CSANZ conference.

The guidelines, developed by the National Heart Foundation of Australia and Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand, aim to have a major impact on the condition that causes a third of all strokes in Australia.  

Chaired by award-winning health journalist Dr Norman Swan, the webcast provides a greater understanding of the guidelines and how to apply them in practice for a range of healthcare professions.  

The panel:

  • Professor David Brieger, chair of the atrial fibrillation guidelines working group, is a cardiologist. He is head of the coronary care and coronary interventions at Concord Hospital and Professor of Cardiology, University of Sydney. 
  • Ms Cia Connell is a clinical manager at the Heart Foundation and senior clinical pharmacist specialising in cardiology. She also lectures at Monash University and works at the Alfred Hospital.
  • Professor Nick Zwar is a practising general practitioner. He is also Conjoint Professor of General Practice, UNSW Australia, and has substantial experience in health systems research.

Interested in more?

The Heart Foundation also held a webcast which offered health professionals the opportunity to learn more about the psychological and emotional challenges of recovering from a heart event and depression screening.