I don't want any other family to go through this, ever.

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Angela knows this devastation first-hand. It has been six years since she lost her sister, Gayle and it doesn’t get any easier for her to talk about.

Tragically, Gayle also left behind her husband, John, and Alex, her baby daughter who was only 8-months old when Gayle passed.

Every day, heart disease kills mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters.

Heart disease devastates 51 families each day.

"We’d all just been together for Christmas, laughing and having fun. How could she be gone?

Gayle was only 30, so when Mum called to tell me I just thought, ‘She’ll be ok’. It was such a shock when the doctors said she wouldn’t make it."

Angela is still heartbroken by the loss of her sister and saddened that her niece, Alex, can never know the beautiful and caring mum she has lost.

 So, determined to make Gayle’s death count, she has dedicated herself to raising funds and awareness about heart disease. Earlier this year she made the brave decision to stand up and tell her story nationwide as a part of Heart Foundation’s Serial Killer campaign, knowing that her courage could help save lives.

Angela is determined to save families from the pain and grief she feels – one heart at a time. But she cannot do it alone. Will you stand with Angela?

"My work is a stepping stone, that could eventually impact the way we treat many different types of heart disease." 

- Dr Yu Suk Choi

Dr Yu Suk Choi at the University of Western Australia is exploring how stem cell therapy could stimulate broken hearts to regrow and repair themselves.

Dr Choi’s research could lead to significant improvements in treatment that will reduce disability and transform the lives of people living with heart failure or recovering from a heart attack.

It could quite literally mend broken hearts.

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