Heart attack treatment

  • Questions to ask your doctor

    Everyone’s circumstances are different. To understand your diagnosis and treatment, ask your healthcare professionals these questions:

    • How long do I have to stay in hospital?
    • How long will it take me to recover?
    • What tests will I need while I’m here?
    • Will I have any procedures or surgery to help me recover?
    • What medicines will I have to take?
    • Are there any risks associated with my treatment?
    • What can I do to help me recover more quickly?
  • Medicines

    Get to know your medicines and why they’re important. Take your medicines exactly as advised by your doctor or pharmacist.

    Read more about different types of heart medicines and get tips on taking your medicines.

  • Do you have more questions?

    The Heart Foundation Helpline is here to answer them. Call 13 11 12 and talk to one of our qualified heart health professionals. If you need an interpreter, call 131 450 and ask for the Heart Foundation.

  • Medical tests

    Your doctor may order medical tests to help find out what your heart condition is and the best way to treat it. Ask your doctor if you’re not sure about any tests.

    Read more about common medical tests. 

  • Medical procedures

    Once your doctor knows what your heart condition is, he or she will then decide what treatments or procedures you may need. Ask your doctor if you’re not sure about a procedure.

    Learn more about medical procedures.

  • Cardiac rehabilitation

    It’s really important to do cardiac rehabilitation. It gives you and your carers professional support in your recovery.  Ask your hospital or doctor to refer you to a program, or call our Heart Foundation Helpline on 13 11 12 to find one.

    Discover how cardiac rehabilitation helps you recover. 

  • Managing your emotions

    It’s normal to have lots of different feelings after a heart event. Be kind to yourself. Talk with family, friends or professionals about how you’re feeling.

    If you think you might be depressed, talk to your doctor.

    Discover ways to manage your emotions after a heart attack. 

  • Leaving hospital

    Your doctor will only let you leave hospital when you’re well enough to continue recovering at home. Talk to your health professionals about what you will need to take home, and what to expect.

    Learn about taking the first steps of recovery.

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