Heart attack support

  • Support services for heart attack recovery 

  • Heart Foundation Helpline

    Call 13 11 12 and talk to one of our qualified heart health professionals.  
    Our free helpline can help you find a cardiac rehabilitation program near you.

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  • Heart Attack FAQ

  • Information about medicines

    NPS Medicines Line

    Call 1300 63 34 24 (local call cost) for independent information on medicines, health conditions  and medical tests for health professionals & consumers.

    Visit the NPS website

    Australia MedicAlert Foundation 

    A service for people with heart conditions, particularly people who are prescribed ongoing medicines. Medical ID bracelets and wristbands provide critical information in case of emergency. Free call 1800 88 22 22 and free fax

    Visit the MedicAlert website

  • Cardiac rehabilitation service providers

    You will find cardiac rehabilitation or heart health information services in some hospitals, health services or private practices. 

    There may also be a pharmacist or dietitian who can give you helpful information to aid your recovery.

    Find a cardiac rehabilitation service near you.

  • Health information

    1300 22 46 36 
    Visit the Beyondblue website

    Diabetes Australia
    1300 13 65 88 
    Visit the Diabetes Australia website

    Kidney Health Australia
    1800 54 36 39 
    Visit the Kidney Health Australia website

    Stroke Foundation
    1800 78 76 53 
    Visit the Stroke Foundation website

    Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centres
    1800 05 22 22 
    Visit the website

    Accredited practising dietitians 
    Find an accredited dietitian now

    Exercise physiologists 
    Find an exercise physiologist

    Find a physiotherapist

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