Going back to work

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Returning to work is a very important part of your recovery. The earlier you plan for it, the better your chances of getting back sooner.

Decide with your doctor, cardiac rehabilitation team and other health professionals when to go back to your job. They will tell you how to prepare for returning and the type of activities that will best help your recovery.

You can usually go back to work a few weeks after you go home from the hospital. But this depends on how fast you recover and how physically active your job is. If you had bypass surgery, it will take longer to get back to work. It might take 4-6 weeks for a desk job and longer for more physical work.

You may not have to wait until you are fully recovered. It’s important to try to keep positive and motivated. Focus on what you can do, rather than what you can’t. If you do physically demanding work, you may need to build up your strength first. Think about asking your workplace for lighter work or shorter work days. Your workplace may have a Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator who can help.

Whatever your job, make sure you are physically and emotionally ready to go back to it. Give yourself time to settle into your work routine again. 

Get help returning to work

Return to work coordinators can help you plan your return.
In Australia, each state and territory have their own return to work and programs coordinators.

Find your local return to work coordinator:

 Losing your job

Job in Jeopardy Assistance is available for people at risk of losing their job because of illness, injury or disability. It doesn’t help you find a new job, but it sees what can be done to keep you with your current employer. It can help with:

  • advice about redesigning your job so you can keep working
  • having your workplace assessed to see how it can be changed to make it easier for you to work
  • having your workplace changed so you can continue to work
  • specialised equipment to help you do your job.

Job in Jeopardy Assistance is free. You access through registration with a Disability Employment Provider.

Visit the Jobs in Jeopardy website.